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BANDIT Elastic Money Clip

 BANDIT Elastic Money Clip Front Pocket Wallet + Golf Ball Marker Medallion Makes a Great Gift Idea

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BAND-IT ELASTIC BAND MONEY CLIP FRONT POCKET CREDIT CARD WALLET makes a great gift idea as groomsmen gifts, graduation gifts, 18th, 21st birthday gifts, Father’s day gift, boyfriend gift, stocking stuffer gift, even as a ladies golf gift or included in a promotional golf tournament gift basket.  BANDIT MONEY CLIP WALLET with GOLF BALL MARKER MEDALLION can replace a small hat clip golf ball marker or any golf ball marker tool.

BAND-IT’S are commonly used as a small, slim front pocket wallet or credit card holder that works great when you want a slim wallet that can be carried as a front pocket wallet money clip style billfold instead of a credit card case holder wallet, chain wallet, designer leather wallet or womens wallet.  BAND IT ELASTIC MONEYCLIP FRONT POCKET WOMENS WALLET can replace a woman’s or men’s wallet, travel wallet, skinny wallet, billfold, money band, id wallet, credit card holder, credit card wallet or any other wallets with money clips. A BAND IT ELASTIC MONEY CLIP WALLET is a cool small slim wallet or card band money holder that acts as a money clip card holder and can be comfortably worn as a front pocket wallet.

BANDIT ELASTIC MONEY CLIP FRONT POCKET MENS WALLET with GOLF BALL MARKER MEDALLIONS is not just a money holder made of an elastic band, but it has a hidden hide a key clip while being a secure wallet key card holder and/or a money clip holder.  Remember BANDIT ELASTIC MONEY CLIP FRONT POCKET WALLET with CUSTOM LOGO GOLF BALL MARKER TOKEN / MEDALLIONS are sold separately or ordered in small quantities for marketing promotion, business promotion, logo products, advertising promotional items, specialty items, promotional apparel, or other promotional gift items.